Reuse is the best form of recycling and Quantum does it right. Refurbishing and reselling your unwanted electronics isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for your bottom line. We’ll get the most out of your old equipment using a process that is audited to the highest security and quality standards.

Our robust chain of custody ensures your data remains secure

At Quantum, we track your data-bearing devices from the time they leave your facility to the time they reach ours – and at every stage of the secure destruction process that follows.

Our Certifications

Not all ITAD service providers are created equal. Make sure your vendor understands what they’re doing and is certified to do it. The globally recognized R2 standard not only prioritizes reuse over recycling, it also requires Quantum to undergo routine auditing to ensure best practices from an environmental and data-handling point of view. Don’t take chances using an uncertified company.
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Quantum offers a variety of reuse solutions

Wholesale Remarketing

One of the most effective ways to maximize your IT budget is through remarketing of your reusable hardware through a variety of channels. Once we’ve securely eradicated your data, Quantum refurbishes, repairs and resells your old equipment through our established network. Our knowledgeable and experienced remarketing team specializes in handling large volumes and getting the greatest possible value for your equipment. Let us do the work for you, so your team can stay productive using the latest gear.

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Is your current ITAD partner wholesaling your equipment to the highest bidder? You’re probably missing out on money. When it comes to IT resale, selling to the end user where possible is what truly maximizes value. Quantum deploys wholesale and direct sales options as appropriate. QNovum is our proprietary online marketplace for lightly used and refurbished computer gear and a great way to maximize the return on your retired assets.
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Employee Purchase and Charitable Donation Programs

Want to do good? Do it responsibly and don’t let the goal of making a difference overshadow the need to perform your due diligence. There are many social “recyclers” out there that just don’t cut it when it comes to security. On the other hand, Quantum ensures your unwanted electronics move through the reuse process safely and securely. We also take a different approach to charitable giving by giving charities what they want (money), not what you have (old assets). While a charity will take whatever you give them, they often have a very specific list of needs. Why not monetize your assets, make a donation, and give them an opportunity to buy what they truly need? Take it a step further and turn your credits into a QNovum Gift Card for the charity of your choosing to purchase directly from us. A closed-loop system that benefits all involved.