Fundraising / Collection Events

Quantum will help you organize an e-waste recycling event to raise funds for your school, church, sports team, or community group.

How does it work?

  • 1. Contact Quantum to get the details
  • 2. Pick your date and schedule your event
  • 3. We provide marketing and logistics support leading up to the event
  • 4. Event Day: Happy Recycling!
  • 5. Get paid 3-4 weeks following your event

Tips for a successful e-waste event

  • Firm up your date as far in advance as planning allows – people need time to set aside product for your group
  • Marketing is key! Spread the word using social media, professional networks and word of mouth
  • Engage potential donors directly: consider contacting parents, employers, and local businesses
  • Combine your event with other fund-raising initiatives – like a clothing or bottle drive – to help boost attendance

Frequently Asked Questions

How much work is it to hold this kind of event?

How much money can I expect to raise?

What types of electronics are accepted for recycling?

Are there any electronics Quantum doesn’t accept?

Are the electronics we collect recycled locally?