Data Solutions

The range of data-bearing assets is growing. Even where there’s no hard drive, data may still be lurking in flash and other formats—and with advancements like IoT and automated data collection, information can be stored on virtually any device. All represent a risk. At Quantum, we take data security seriously and treat all data-bearing devices with the utmost care. Whether you prefer to have your data destroyed digitally or physically, our data wiping and hard drive shredding services will help you sleep better at night.

Data Wiping

Quantum’s data erasure process is fully integrated with Blancco services and solutions. Multiple wipe protocols are available, and our procedures are certified and secure with cyber liability policies in place.

Data Destruction

Quantum’s physical destruction process conforms to NIST standards and is NAID AAA certified. We provide data destruction services across Canada, as well as mobile destruction services performed via a secure shredding truck.

We guarantee your data is destroyed

While your data is always secure with Quantum, we recommend our enhanced data destruction services when you need documented proof. Our enhanced services track the destruction of your devices individually by capturing their serial numbers at every stage of the process. We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction clearly identifying each hard drive destroyed and assume all liability for its destruction. Quantum’s enhanced data destruction services are available both onsite and offsite. And while other companies may offer data destruction for free, without the right certificates or qualifications, you’ll never really know what happens with your data after it leaves your site.

Our Certifications

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With an R2-certified company like Quantum, you can be sure both your data and your equipment are being handled securely. Better still, Quantum is NAID AAA certified (National Association of Information Destruction). Very few companies can adhere to NAID’s rigorous requirements for secure data destruction at the AAA level, which is something to keep in mind when you’re seeking assurance against a potential data leak.
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