Most smartphones are kept for just three years—soon after, their battery life declines and newer models offer a faster, smoother user experience. But with the short lifespan of these devices comes a massive e-waste concern. Most contain lithium batteries, which can self-heat and lead to thermal events.


We streamline end-of-life mobile device management

For telecommunications companies, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), OEMs, wholesale phone distributors, retailers, independent repair shops, and corporate end-users, Quantum offers safe and effective reuse and recycling solutions for cell phones. With that in mind, it’s not just phones that present challenges. In the consumer market, IoT technology has infiltrated nearly all aspects of life, enabling smart home connectivity in every device from lighting to thermostats, to home security systems and appliances. As these devices age and are replaced with newer models, retailers and distributors need efficient end-of-life management tactics.

With parts harvesting and refurbishment options, we’ll help you find the end-of-life mobile device management solution that best meets your company’s needs. We accept late-model, good-quality phones for refurbishment and can facilitate device buyback programs for small, medium and enterprise clients. By partnering with Quantum, you can pursue the best ROI for your end-of-life cell phones and other devices while enjoying the peace of mind of 100% data erasure and compliance with applicable environmental regulations.


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Quantum’s approach to mobile device reuse is secure, efficient and the most financially beneficial way to retire your devices.

Data Security

Leveraging Blancco software for complete data erasure, we guarantee the data in your retired mobile devices is safely handled and securely destroyed.


As a fully certified recycler, Quantum ensures the proper disposition of your company’s end-of-life mobile devices by maintaining a closed-loop, secure chain of custody from start to finish.