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Businesses located in Toronto have three options to schedule a pickup of their old electronics for recycling

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Why choose Quantum?

We have the certifications to securely and safely manage your end-of-life IT assets
We come to you to pick up your end-of-life IT assets
We provide a Certificate of Recycling to help track your environmental impact

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    Need some questions answered first?

    Is there a cost for recycling electronics with Quantum?

    In certain locations, Quantum picks up medium or large size loads of end-of-life electronics for free! Smaller loads can be picked up for a nominal fee. Certain hazardous or difficult to dispose of items like light bulbs and some types batteries may necessitate charges to the customer. Call Quantum for more information.

    How can I ensure my data is secure?

    What sets Quantum apart from other electronics “recyclers” is our focus on security. Our documented process for tracking chain of custody from pickup through to destruction ensures complete data security for your company. From GPS enabled trucks to CCTV throughout our facilities to audited destruction procedures to NAID membership, we’ve got you covered.

    Can we arrange for regular collection of our recyclable electronic devices and equipment?

    Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we can easily assist you in setting up regular pick up service!

    Quantum can also destroy your data

    Serialized Certificate of Destruction with every load
    Secure chain of custody including GPS enabled fleet, locking cargo holds and optional direct delivery and seal verification
    Onsite shredding at your facility, while you watch, for the ultimate peace of mind

    About Toronto and electronics recycling

    Toronto has a population of 5,928,040, generating 59,280,400 lbs of e-waste annually.
    Toronto has more than 216,000 business that also need to dispose of old electronics.
    Toronto is the largest city in Canada and as such, it accounts for about one-fifth of all e-waste generated in the country.

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    Did you know?

    With more than 59,280,400 lbs of e-waste and old electronics being generated in Toronto annually, the environment could be in danger if is not disposed of properly.

    • There is mercury in LED and LCD monitors and televisions. One gram of mercury contaminates 1000 litres of water, rendering it unsuitable for human consumption.
    • More than 40 million tons of e-waste and old electronics are generated annually worldwide, much of which is not recycled.
    • It takes 530 lbs of fossil fuel to manufacture one monitor and computer.
    • Companies like Quantum that facilitate proper electronics recycling ensure zero environmental contamination.

    Quantum services the following areas in the Greater Toronto Area

    • York
    • Aurora
    • Scarborough
    • Halton
    • Etobicoke
    • Durham
    • Newmarket
    • Thornhill
    • Peel
    • Richmond Hill

    Recycling your e-Waste in Toronto

    Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, the financial capital of the country and contributes 20% of the national GDP. The sheer size of Toronto means that every day, there is a huge amount of electronics waste generated and disposal of end-of-life electronics is a pressing question for many businesses. As the top city for immigrants to Canada and with a growing reputation as a destination for foreign tech workers, demand for electronics in Toronto and the need for electronics recycling will keep expanding rapidly as the population increases and the tech industry continues to evolve.


    How Do I Recycle My Business E-Waste in Toronto?

    Safe and effective electronics recycling exists but many businesses in Toronto don’t know how to access information about electronics recycling at work. While they want to dispose of e-waste the correct way, sometimes they are not sure of the safest and most effective recycling options. And as a busy owner, you don’t have a lot of time to look into it. Since unwanted electronics are an increasingly bigger portion of the solid waste being generated in Ontario, it’s imperative that we divert as much as possible from the waste stream. Did you know that about 90% of electronics components (including glass, plastic, gold, silver, copper and palladium) can be made into new products?


    Quantum Can Help With Toronto E-Waste

    Items for electronics recycling can also be picked up by businesses such as Quantum, a globally-certified, R2 accredited and EPRA-certified recycler in Toronto. Quantum offers pickups within 48 hours for businesses with 25 or more items or pickup for a reasonable fee for fewer items. It operates in accordance with several recognized recycling initiatives including the aforementioned EPRA (Electronics Products Recycling Association), OES (Ontario Electronic Stewardship) and NAID-Canada (National Association for Information Destruction).


    Options for Recycling Residential Electronics in Toronto

    The City of Toronto has free collection for unwanted electronics to ensure they are disposed of safely, recycled and kept out of landfill.

    The list of acceptable items includes everything from cell and home phones to speakers, computer cables, printers and fax machines and much more. Electronic items can be put out on garbage day for pickup, brought to a Drop-off DepotCommunity Environment Day or donated for reuse.

    • City of Toronto Drop-Off Depot: 120 Disco Road, Etobicoke
    • City of Toronto Drop-Off Depot: 1 Transfer Place, Scarborough
    • City of Toronto Drop-Off Depot: 400 Commissioners St, Toronto
    • City of Toronto Drop-Off Depot: 35 Vanley Crescent, North York
    • City of Toronto Drop-Off Depot: 3350 Victoria Park Ave, North York

    There have never been more options for recycling electronics in Toronto. Keeping these products out of the waste stream is a win-win-win for the environment, for homes and for businesses. Let’s keep up the good work!

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    Residential Inquiries

    The pickup service offered by Quantum is for businesses only. Please visit EPRA to find your nearest residential electronics recycling location.