How Quantum Facilitates Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of everything Quantum does — that’s why we’re your ideal Partners For a Sustainable Future.

Sustainability is a complex concept that encompasses environmental, social and financial aspects into any given process. To fully appreciate and address the challenges that come with e-waste management for a sustainable future, we must consider all of these factors and the interplay among them. Quantum looks at sustainability holistically from all sides. Where most companies in our industry focus on one or the other, Quantum is equally strong in both reuse and recycling services, a reflection of our commitment to providing robust solutions that thoroughly address the far-reaching impact of e-waste on our planet.

Carbon Reduction – Measuring Your Impact

It is well documented that reuse, refurbishment and recycling of electronics have a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions. However, we believe existing GHG Credit programs don’t adequately address the concept of additionality and thus are not a meaningful way to reduce carbon emissions.

Why does additionality matter to you?

Additionality is the concept that an activity has a measurably positive impact that is greater than the impact you would have had you done something else. Reusing a laptop isn’t in and of itself an activity that generates credit if there is a high likelihood that the laptop would have been reused anyway. As carbon markets develop globally, there is growing consensus around what is and isn’t a “credit”, especially when considered in the context of offsetting carbon outputs across an organization. It could become expensive to retroactively purchase new credits because your old ones are no longer accepted by recognized registering agencies.

Quantum’s approach: Less sexy, more effective

Quantum is solving this problem with our own unique approach. We’ve developed a certified proprietary calculator that will allow customers to accurately measure the greenhouse gas impacts of their reuse, refurbishment and recycling activities, drawing a direct line of sight from the work we do on your behalf and the net reduction of carbon emissions as a result. In other words, it’s not for the generation of “credits” but for actual quantifiable carbon reduction. This data can then be used for reporting on government mandated requirements as well as corporate sustainability and environmental initiatives.

Social Giving

Quantum strives to have a positive social impact through charitable giving and donations of IT assets to those in need. No matter which aspects of sustainability you value the most, Quantum values them all equally when deploying solutions for your organization. Our clients support charitable organizations, and any cause important to our clients is important to Quantum.

Through our charitable donations program, we can also take a different approach to giving by offering charities what they need most (money), not necessarily what you have (old assets). While many charities may take whatever you give them, most have a very specific list of needs. Why not monetize your assets, make a donation, and give them an opportunity to buy what they truly need? Take it a step further and turn your credits into a QNovum Gift Card for the charity of your choosing to purchase directly from us. It’s a closed-loop system that benefits all involved.

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