Electronics Recycling in Richmond


Businesses located in Richmond have three options to schedule a pickup of their old electronics for recycling

Call 1-888-676-4992 and speak to a representative
Use the form below to send a pickup request
Speak to a live agent using our chat box

Why choose Quantum?

We have the certifications to securely and safely manage your end-of-life IT assets
We come to you to pick up your end-of-life IT assets
We provide a Certificate of Recycling to help track your environmental impact

Need some questions answered first?

Is there a cost for recycling electronics with Quantum?

In certain locations, Quantum picks up medium or large size loads of end-of-life electronics for free! Smaller loads can be picked up for a nominal fee. Certain hazardous or difficult to dispose of items like light bulbs and some types batteries may necessitate charges to the customer. Call Quantum for more information.

How can I ensure my data is secure?

What sets Quantum apart from other electronics “recyclers” is our focus on security. Our documented process for tracking chain of custody from pickup through to destruction ensures complete data security for your company. From GPS enabled trucks to CCTV throughout our facilities to audited destruction procedures to NAID membership, we’ve got you covered.

Can we arrange for regular collection of our recyclable electronic devices and equipment?

Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we can easily assist you in setting up regular pick up service!

Quantum can also destroy your data

Serialized Certificate of Destruction with every load
Secure chain of custody including GPS enabled fleet, locking cargo holds and optional direct delivery and seal verification
Onsite shredding at your facility, while you watch, for the ultimate peace of mind

About Richmond and E-Waste

Richmond has a growing population of 216,288 people who generate 2,162,880 lbs of e-waste every year.
The 14,285 thriving businesses within Richmond's city limits all spawn significant amounts of e-waste.
Richmond is well known for its advanced aviation industry and logistics hub centered around the Vancouver airport.

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Did you know?

So much of what we consume every year goes to waste. Quantum is looking to change that.

  • E-waste around the world is more than 41.8 million tonnes, which represents tens of millions of dollars in potentially reusable resources. That’s why recycling is so important.
  • The 2,274,060 lbs. of e-waste generated in Richmond pose a long-term threat to the environment.
  • Precious metals are abundant in e-waste. Japan has pledged to use metal recycled from electronic gadgets for the 2020 Olympic gold, silver, and bronze medals.
  • Average cell phone users replace their cell phones every 18 months.

Quantum services the following areas in Richmond

  • Bridgeport
  • Brighouse
  • Broadmoor
  • Burkeville
  • Hamilton
  • Minoru Park
  • Seafair
  • Southarm
  • Steveston
  • Sullivan Heights
  • Thompson
  • Tucks

Recycling Your E-Waste in Richmond

Growth in Richmond tied to increase in e-waste

Richmond’s series of islands support over 14,000 different businesses—from agri-foods to aviation companies, logistics to manufacturing. It is one of the most enterprising cities, carefully fostering economic development that has attracted companies from around the world to Richmond. This growth has also contributed to a rise in e-waste.

Richmond Recycling Options

Residents and business operators are permitted to drop off one cubic yard of recyclables and three large appliances at the Richmond Recycling Depot each day. Batteries, electronics, and most other types of materials are accepted by the facility to reach Richmond’s goal of diverting 80% of waste from the landfill by 2020.

The Richmond Recycling Depot is located at 5555 Lynas Lane, Richmond, BC. It is closed on Mondays.

Quantum offers unparalleled e-waste recycling convenience in Richmond

Alternatively, Quantum offers a simple, turnkey approach to recycling end-of-life electronics. Schedule a convenient, free pickup of 25 or more electronic items to be recycled.

Quantum is a certified electronics recycling company that adheres to established best practices in electronics recycling. After collection from your facility, Quantum will wipe any data and recycle the components. Some estimate that up to 90% of the parts of a used device can be reused to make a new one.

Ready to schedule your e-waste pickup?

Ready to schedule your e-waste pickup?

Residential Inquiries

The pickup service offered by Quantum is for businesses only. Please visit EPRA to find your nearest residential electronics recycling location.