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Businesses located in Mississauga have three options to schedule a pickup of their old electronics for recycling

Call 1-888-676-4992 and speak to a representative
Use the form below to send a pickup request
Speak to a live agent using our chat box

Why choose Quantum?

We have the certifications to securely and safely manage your end-of-life IT assets
We come to you to pick up your end-of-life IT assets
We provide a Certificate of Recycling to help track your environmental impact

Need some questions answered first?

Is there a cost for recycling electronics with Quantum?

In certain locations, Quantum picks up medium or large size loads of end-of-life electronics for free! Smaller loads can be picked up for a nominal fee. Certain hazardous or difficult to dispose of items like light bulbs and some types batteries may necessitate charges to the customer. Call Quantum for more information.

How can I ensure my data is secure?

What sets Quantum apart from other electronics “recyclers” is our focus on security. Our documented process for tracking chain of custody from pickup through to destruction ensures complete data security for your company. From GPS enabled trucks to CCTV throughout our facilities to audited destruction procedures to NAID membership, we’ve got you covered.

Can we arrange for regular collection of our recyclable electronic devices and equipment?

Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we can easily assist you in setting up regular pick up service!

Quantum can also destroy your data

Serialized Certificate of Destruction with every load
Secure chain of custody including GPS enabled fleet, locking cargo holds and optional direct delivery and seal verification
Onsite shredding at your facility, while you watch, for the ultimate peace of mind

About Mississauga and E-Waste

Mississauga has a population of 713,443, generating 7,134,430 lbs of e-waste every year.
In addition, Mississauga is home to more than 86,000 businesses that generate their own e-waste that needs to be properly recycled.
Quantum is helping to solve Mississauga’s e-waste problem, one laptop, monitor and smartphone at a time.

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Did you know?

With more than 7,134,430 lbs of e-waste being generated in Mississauga annually, it is critical that your electronics are recycled in a safe and efficient manner.

  • The average CRT TV contains 5kg of lead – which can leach into ground water and cause neurological delays in children.
  • It’s not all bad though - E-waste is 100% recyclable and contains precious metals such as gold, silver and palladium.
  • Flat screen devices like LCD monitors and TVs contain mercury which contaminates water and accumulates in the environment.
  • Quantum ensures that these contaminants do not effect the environment by recycling your e-waste safely.

Quantum services the following areas in Mississauga

  • Hurontario
  • East Credit
  • Meadowvale
  • Erin Mills
  • Erindale
  • Sheridan
  • Cooksville
  • Applewood

Recycling E-Waste in Mississauga

From life sciences to the aerospace industry, Mississauga’s 86,000 businesses are as diverse as they are progressive. But many local companies continue to dispose of their end-of-life electronics (e-waste) the wrong way because they’re unaware that safe and effective recycling options exist.

According to the OES (Ontario Electronic Stewardship), unwanted electronics represent the fastest-growing portion of our solid waste stream. But the good news is that some 90% of electronic component parts – like glass, plastics, and precious metals – can be recovered, reused, and made into new products.

Recycling your business e-waste correctly…

  • keeps it out of Peel Region landfills,
  • prevents it from being handled unsafely or exported illegally, and
  • helps move it back into the manufacturing supply chain

Some 60,000 metric tonnes of electronics were recycled in Ontario in 2016. And cities like Mississauga have the capacity to recycle dozens of office products safely – including your outdated phone systems, photocopiers, and desktop computers.

Quantum Can Help Your Mississauga Business Recycle

The EPRA (Electronic Products Recycling Association) oversees all of Canada’s regulated recycling programs. As an EPRA-certified recycling company, Quantum makes it easy to get rid of your business electronics the right way. From laptops to network servers, medical devices to point-of-sale equipment, our fast, secure, and convenient pickup service is available to businesses throughout Mississauga.

We disassemble your electronic materials safely to remove hazardous substances like lead and mercury, then recover valuable resources that can be re-used. Not only does Quantum guarantee any residual electronic data will be destroyed, we can often pick your items up from your business – and within 48 hours of hearing from you.

Drop-off Points for Used Electronics in Mississauga

Did you know that nearly every Mississauga resident lives within 25 km of a recycling collection depot? If you don’t qualify for Quantum’s business pickup program, you can still be part of the recycling solution by bringing your damaged or obsolete electronics to annual collection events, or to municipal, not-for-profit, and retail depots like these:

  • Quantum: 700 Ormont Drive
  • Battleford Community Recycling Centres: 2255 Battleford Road and 395 Chrysler Drive
  • Regional Municipality of Peel: 1126 Fewster Drive
  • Salvation Army – Mississauga Thrift Stores: 1458 Dundas Street and 261 Queen Street

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Residential Inquiries

The pickup service offered by Quantum is for businesses only. Please visit EPRA to find your nearest residential electronics recycling location.