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Businesses located in Edmonton have three options to schedule a pickup of their old electronics for recycling

Call 1-888-676-4992 and speak to a representative
Use the form below to send a pickup request
Speak to a live agent using our chat box

Why choose Quantum?

We have the certifications to securely and safely manage your end-of-life IT assets
We come to you to pick up your end-of-life IT assets
We provide a Certificate of Recycling to help track your environmental impact

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    Need some questions answered first?

    Is there a cost for recycling electronics with Quantum?

    In certain locations, Quantum picks up medium or large size loads of end-of-life electronics for free! Smaller loads can be picked up for a nominal fee. Certain hazardous or difficult to dispose of items like light bulbs and some types batteries may necessitate charges to the customer. Call Quantum for more information.

    How can I ensure my data is secure?

    What sets Quantum apart from other electronics “recyclers” is our focus on security. Our documented process for tracking chain of custody from pickup through to destruction ensures complete data security for your company. From GPS enabled trucks to CCTV throughout our facilities to audited destruction procedures to NAID membership, we’ve got you covered.

    Can we arrange for regular collection of our recyclable electronic devices and equipment?

    Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we can easily assist you in setting up regular pick up service!

    Quantum can also destroy your data

    Serialized Certificate of Destruction with every load
    Secure chain of custody including GPS enabled fleet, locking cargo holds and optional direct delivery and seal verification
    Onsite shredding at your facility, while you watch, for the ultimate peace of mind

    About Edmonton and E-Waste

    Edmonton, Alberta has a population of 981,280, who generate 9,812,800 lbs of e-waste each year.
    Edmonton has over 36,300 businesses ranging from oil and gas companies to research and education centres.
    Nicknamed “Canada’s Festival City,” you’ll never run out of things to do in Edmonton, including visiting North America’s biggest mall and Canada’s largest living history museum.

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    Did you know?

    So much of what we consume every year goes to waste. Quantum is looking to change that.

    • Only 20% of e-waste in Canada is currently recycled, which is a serious concern for both Canadians and the wildlife and environment of the country. Increasing e-waste recycling is essential.
    • Studies have shown that it’s 13 times cheaper to recover electronic components from recycled waste than it is to source new materials by extracting them from mines. These mines also operate largely in developing countries without labor or environmental protection.
    • The non-profit Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) helped develop recycling programs that diverts over 85 million tonnes of gadgets from landfills each year. This helps reduce the entrance of toxic chemicals into the environment.
    • For every 1 million cell phones that are recycled, 722 lbs of silver, 75 lbs of gold, 33 lbs of palladium, and 35,274 lbs of copper can be recovered. Recovering these precious elements, and avoiding having arsenic, lead, nickel, and cobalt leach into the environment, are why recycling makes such a difference.

    Quantum services the following areas in Edmonton

    • Crestwood
    • Downtown
    • Glenora
    • Glenora
    • Highlands
    • Oliver
    • Ritchie
    • Strathcona
    • Strathearn
    • Westmount

    Recycling Your E-Waste in Edmonton

    Addressing E-Waste in Edmonton

    Edmonton’s North Saskatchewan River Valley is the largest section of urban parkland in North America. Protecting the environment in Edmonton is part of keeping this area as beautiful as it is, full of parks and the host of over 30 annual festivals throughout the year. The West Edmonton Mall, the largest in North America, spans the equivalent of 48 city blocks. The retail outlets and almost 1 million people generate a lot of electronic waste, and addressing that waste cycle is essential.

    How to Handle Business E-Waste in Edmonton

    The tens of thousands of businesses throughout the city generate a lot of electronic waste. Many consumer electronics are only kept two years before being disposed of, and business electronics are only kept a bit longer. This quick turnover means that a busy business owner is tempted to simply put electronics in the dumpster, especially if they aren’t aware what else to do. Quantum can help you make a difference by diverting electronics from the waste stream and allowing you to recycle the items you no longer need. Did you know that 90% of electronics components can be used in new products?

    Quantum Helps You Recycle Edmonton E-Waste

    Businesses like Quantum can give you the electronics recycling solution you’re looking for. We are a globally-certified, R2 accredited and EPRA-certified recycler in Edmonton. We help businesses dispose of electronics quickly and easily by providing pickup within 48 hours for companies with more than 25 items to recycle. We can also arrange pickup of fewer items for a small fee. Quantum proudly operates in accordance with Canadian recycling initiatives including EPRA (Electronics Products Recycling Association), OES (Ontario Electronic Stewardship) and NAID-Canada (National Association for Information Destruction).

    Help Prevent Global Contamination By Recycling in Edmonton

    E-waste is sometimes sent illegally to developing countries, and the illicit waste trade affects human lives, economies, and the environment around the world. Primitive processes are used to try to remove the precious metals, which result in the exposure of workers to toxic chemicals. After the metals are removed, the rest is simply dumped, resulting in significant chemical contamination. When you recycle your residential or business e-waste here in Edmonton, you prevent contamination and exploitation around the world. The more electronics are recycled, the fewer greenhouse gases and toxic waste there are to pollute the environment.

    Ready to schedule your e-waste pickup?

    Ready to schedule your e-waste pickup?

    Residential Inquiries

    The pickup service offered by Quantum is for businesses only. Please visit EPRA to find your nearest residential electronics recycling location.